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    Anklet Sock Timeless style fits all your baby dolls. 4" Long (large sock in picture)Available in2 Classic colors: White or Black

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     Great boys sock, comes in brown or black and two sizes: Medium:black 3-1/2" long x 1-1/2" brown is 3" longLarge: 4-1/2" long x 1-3/4" wide

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    Cotton Socks Soft cotton socks in bright new colors! Designed to fit most popular 18" dolls such as MA & AG

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    PantyHose for your girls when they want to get dressed up   Size#08= 6-8" doll   Size#06=10-12" doll  Size#04=12-14" dollSize#02=14-16" dollSize#0 = 18-20" doll Size#00=22-24" doll Fits AG  

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    Small is 2" Long (Not available in Black)Medium is 6" LongLarge is 10" Long

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      cute frilly and white large=5", medium = 3.5 x 1.75" (fits AG & MA 18" dolls)   Cute Frilly and white. Large=5" , Medium=3.5 x 1.75" (fits AG & MA 18"Dolls)

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    Leotards Diamond Pattern stretch. Sizes (except Baby size XX) fit porcelain or slim dolls. Will not fit chubby dolls. XS fits 8-10" doll SM fits 12-14" doll ME fits 16-18" doll LG fits 19-21" doll XL fits 22-24" doll XX fits chubby baby doll

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    13" Long.....Designed to fit most 18" dolls

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    SKK Over the knee length with distinctive ribbed style comes in beige and black only. 4" would not be over the knee Large=8" Medium=7" (fits AG & MA) Small=4"

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    High quality socks by the yard. Cut to fit. Comes in 5 Yard Pieces. makes 11-15 pairs of socks.  Medium=3/4", Small=1/2"  NO RETURNS ON TUBE SOCKS CUT SOCK ON THE CURVED  FUSED PART AND THAT MAKES THE TOE, THEN CUT STRAIGHT AT THE OTHER END FOR THE TOP.

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    Spools are $20.00 for medium or small. REGULAR 90.00 A ROLL now only $20.00 a roll Extra shipping will be added for these due to the weight no returns

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