About us

Since 1980, Antinas Doll Supplies, Inc. has put you, the customer, first. Sure, it seems every company says that but this is how we do it. .

Great Products -- All of our high-quality products are available for your review on our website (www.dollsupply.com) plus our E-Bay store. You can easily find just what you are looking for to create beautiful custom treasures. We carry everything from doll-making supplies to apparel and even the most popular such as "American Girl" accessories and teddy bear items. Our thorough descriptions and clear photos show you exactly what you are purchasing. If you have a question, just call us at (503) 630-1900 from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Pacific Time, Monday through Thursday.We answer our phones! Closed Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

 Discounts --Ask how you can qualify .

Fast Delivery -- All of our orders will be shipped the following business day if possible., We will be open Monday thru Thursday.. Unlike other doll-supply companies, we don't sit on your order. It is processed immediately and you receive your merchandise in days, not weeks. We offer UPS shipping for United States only and USPS for United States and other Countries. If Foreign, you can request air priority or first class, but remember first class can take  up to 2 weeks for delivery.

Pay Only For What You Receive -- We don't do back orders, therefore we never hold your money while you are waiting for your product.If you send a mail order and the product isn't in, we send you a refund check for the unpurchased items right in your order. We take VISA, MC, Discover Card, Check and Money Orders, but we don't establish open accounts. This keeps our accounting overhead low so we can pass the savings on to you. I am sorry, we DO NOT take American Express.

Meet Us in Person -- We have one-to-one relationships with many of our customers because we love to talk "shop".
Come and see us! We do also have a warehouse here in Estacada. We purchased a historic abandoned church a few years back and remodeled it and now run the doll supply out of it. Feel free to email anytime for directions and pictures. Many of our product offerings come from your suggestions, so keep them up, we love to hear from you!

We Are Truly Doll Enthusiasts -- We live and breathe doll supplies! We are as passionate as you are about this hobby and our company is all in the family. Tallina started our doll shop on our farm in beautiful Clackamas, OR back in 1980. She began making charming porcelain dolls completely by hand and started taking on students. She convinced her husband, Frank, to sell the hay bailer to provide the seed money and the doll business took off. Tallina soon had 80 students and she started running into problems finding the quality and variety of doll items she needed to keep up with the demand. Creating her own doll-supply business seemed a natural next step. Tallina and her daughter Antina, started traveling to attend doll shows & Finding just the right suppliers and products. Today, Antinas Doll Supplies, sells to customers in over 33 countries.
Tallina's husband Frank passed on in 2000,  She retired and left Antina along with her husband David to continue on this venture as Antina's Doll Supply and retired the "Tallina's" name with its founder.  Sadly Tallina passed away in May 2016 . She will be profoundly missed.  Antina's Doll Supply has moved. . We are in Estacada, Oregon now. If you love dolls, you'll love Antinas!